16 comments on “Hello and welcome !

  1. Anonymous on ·

    Wow you obviously must like your black and white photography.

  2. luxshmy on ·

    Great Job! keep it coming. I would like to see more of the young kuchi’s works…quite amazing and awesome!!!!

  3. HI, Thanks for the feedback and yes I will be posting more of the young fellows work as soon as I can!

  4. THanks and yes I really do like black and white. I think colour can sometimes be a distraction or perhaps I like things simple

  5. Shyamala Vishnumohan on ·

    What an uplifting and creative space! “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes, But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls” and you do this very well! Among the many favourites, I am very much in love with the people category.

  6. I like that description very much thanks. I think this is true remove the distractions to look deeper…

  7. Anonymous on ·

    Yo mate,now tis is wat i call a pro at work.love the effort.always had that gift…

  8. Rueben great website! You know what your gallery is telling me-to see beauty in simple things. A hitech lens alone doesn’t do the job…you need the head and heart to see it. You have it!

  9. Steph on ·

    Hi Rueben…will be good if you can share the behind the scene experiences in your blog.

  10. Great website. Will be good if you can offer email subscription.

  11. Hi Steph, thank you for the feedback. Part of the reason I started the blog was to share my experiences and circumstances related to some of the images. So will have to get off my behind and start writing!

  12. honey on ·

    Rueben, I remember you taking amazing pictures at your Sister’s wedding to a point that everyone in the Church was looking for you when it was time for the brother to witness :-). Don’t you think your website deserves a category for weddings? I think it does

  13. Thanks, yes I remember! I was wondering why everyone was looking around… Well haven’t done many weddings, so until I do maybe I can put some of what I have in the up in the people category.

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